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About Our Gummy Products

Make no mistake, this isn’t candy. The blue (Relief Raspberry) gummy is specially formulated for discomfort, the Yellow (Calming Mango) is formulated for anxiety and nerves, and the Red (Sleepy Watermelon) is formulated for deep sleep.

  1. These gummies work best if utilized as a lozenge. Place one under the tongue and allow the gummy to melt. Also, consume some fat (peanut butter, bacon, nuts, etc.) This delivers a sublingual application that gets into the bloodstream faster and less is lost to GI waste, digestion.
  2. They’re extremely safe, and if more than one is required for the desired result, there’s no problem with safety issues.
  3. They work best in conjunction with our soon to be released products, Painplex, Inflammaplex and Energyplex, which address the root of the discomfort.The essential ingredients of Painplex were developed for that purpose. Utilizing an extraction technique that is very expensive and technically challenging, we engaged with over 20 manufacturing facilities before finding a company that could effect the necessary expertise to utilize ethanol extraction and convert the material to powder form. Eden Labs has come through for us in a major way. Painplex addresses the source of the discomfort from the inside, enhancing the efficacy of the gummies for severe and chronic issues. It’s a game-changer. Energyplex utilizes no caffeine and no sugar to energize and to induce focus. The initial testing on this has been remarkable and universal with widespread approval of all testing samples. Finally, Inflammaplex is the mainstay of all therapies. Everyone should be on this preparation. Inflammation is the root of all disease.
  4. We are often asked if these are better than the CBD available elsewhere. The answer lies in the specific amount of rare cannabinoids that we augment to be particularly effective. While CBD has trace amounts of these rare cannabinoids, we have a huge amount, and what we feel to be a therapeutic amount. CBD works, but it would take a lot more to deliver the effect experienced with our gummy line.
  5. Defender: Our special throat spray formulation helps alleviate sore throat, dramatically lessens effects from virus and bacterial infections.. We have personally used it on Covid patients with great anecdotal effect on lessening the severity and preventing the progression. It has also lessened sore throat pain due to tonsillectomy. This product has been formulated and can be available within 6 weeks from Eden labs.
  6. Pet Pain Biscuit: Specially formulated in our labs and comprised of CBG, CBD (fs) and CBN to dramatically decrease pain and/or anxiety in pets. It is now enhanced with flaxseed and fish oil to work as an overall anti-inflammatory as well. This product has been produced in our private lab and now is ready for commercial production. Our veterinary division is headed by Dr. Danielle Morosco who has personal experience with this product and has helped in formulation. It has now been tested and found effective on over 30 animals. 7) As always, we look to our generous fans, investors and altruistic public to help supply those, including veterans, who are less fortunate and in need. We supply them directly with our products. Please consider a donation to our affiliate charity, Epidemiologic Solutions.

R. Goulding, M.D.

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